Black Friday and Beyond

November 25, 2022


Jennifer Dammeyer

Black Friday Shopping and Beyond

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  From Black Friday on we are all going, going, gone....

Friends, family, loved ones, Christmas lights, yummy treats, shopping, traffic, parking...see how that quickly went the wrong way?

Each holiday season it is our goal to help our clients keep things going the right way.  Four years ago, we began our Christmas Light Tours by taking groups of friends, co-workers, and families to see the spectacular Christmas lights in Middle TN...mostly Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin.  Oh, how our clients love this!

Last year, my husband and I were doing a little Christmas shopping together.  The traffic was horrible.  The parking was a nightmare.  After patiently waiting for a parking spot, some brave individual whipped around us and claimed it as his own.  Needless to say, my husband is not particularly fond of Christmas shopping.  Now, he will completely geek out if you put him in an auto parts store...but those are stories for a different blog post.  As we were looking for a parking spot at Dillard's at Cool Springs Mall, my husband looks at me and very seriously says, "UGH, WE SHOULD"VE BROUGHT A BUS".  I looked at him like he had completely lost his marbles.  What was he thinking?  Why would two people need to take a bus to do some Christmas shopping?  All of a sudden, his idea starting churning in our minds.  We started brainstorming and BOOM....2 people don't need a bus for Christmas shopping, but it would be way cool for 12 people to take a bus Christmas shopping!  Think of it...no worries about traffic or parking.  No worries about where to put all of your gifts.  Heck, you and your friends can even have a mimosa or two.  Think of it....Lucky Dog Bus could take your party to The Loveless Cafe for some mouth-watering breakfast, head to Green Hills Mall or the Gulch to tackle your Christmas list.  Maybe end your day at one of the new Christmas Pop-Up Bars?!  There are endless possibilities.  

Normally, our buses are transporting clients to weddings at one-of-a kind venues like Allenbrooke Farms and Beau Chavel.  We are no stranger to Nissan Stadium for a Titan game and Bridgestone Arena for a Predators game or concert.  We love taking our clients down to Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg, TN.  Our Christmas Light Tours have been such a big success. Why not Christmas Shopping VIP style on a Lucky Dog Bus?  We are definitely not your average Nashville party bus.  So if you see some "lucky" people get out of a really cool vintage bus and walk, stress-free into a nearby shopping mall....just remember, you too, can be that lucky!

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